Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Photographer Needed

Ok I need a cute newborn little girl to model this for me! If you are due to have a little girl (in the next few weeks) and are planning to have picture done by a photographer...tell the photographer to come enter in the drawing.

To enter:
Post your Name and your Facebook page in the comment section.
I will pick a name from tonight 7pm
Thanks! ~Crissy

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Earflap Giveaway April 28th

Ok here is a striped 0-3m earflap. Colors are olive/teal/white/light green.
comment below!

2nd Giveaway April 28 Newsboy

Newsboy Cap...this will be for 3-6m any color from below..comment below and
I will pick a winner from!
(and I thought I should add if you are posting as anonymous leave a name or something so
I can let you know it was you :) forgot to add that before!

Moving the Expecting Contest

Today it was brought to my attention that facebook contest have a lot of rules and regulations. So with that I have to move the Expecting Contest here. I will add the likes from facebook and the ones on here together. Still most votes counts but now they will have to leave the name of the one you want to win in the comment box at the bottom for a vote. Please be honest and only 1 vote per picture per person please! If you do vote anonymously (which you dont have to have an account or sign in) you will have to leave your name with the one you vote for or it will not count. If I suspect anyone that is entering mutiple times I will pull that persons comment and the one they are voting for as well. It is not fair to cheat! :) So other than that have fun and we have about 2 weeks to go! ~Crissy

Monday, March 19, 2012

Welcome to my blog. I am not all that great al this but I am going to go for it!